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Annual Report

The Georgia’s Rome Office of Tourism released their 2017 Annual Report and the statistics are strong for Floyd County. The report shows an upward trend with an increase of more than 37% in tourism spending throughout the county since 2007.

The bureau reports a study from the U.S. Travel Association shows tourists spent $149,930,000 in Floyd County during 2016, the most recent year that results are available. Travel and tourism generated a 4.5% year over year increase in total impact. Additionally, the tourism industry supported 1,349 jobs throughout the service and hospitality industries.  Travelers to Rome and Floyd County generated $6.08 million in state tax revenue and $4.38 million in local tax revenue.

In addition to the significant overall tourism impact, the office also reported sport, group, and event business that the GRCVB directly assisted generated $17,615, 616; a 29% increase over 2016.  “We are grateful for all the hard work from Lisa Smith and her staff, “said Elaine Snow, Chairman of the tourism board.

Events with the most economic impact in 2017 included the Wings Over North Georgia Air Show, Jehovah’s Witness Conference and multiple tennis tournaments including the USTA Georgia Adult League Championships and the ACC Men’s & Women’s Tennis Championships.

In addition to economic impact, the report highlights top achievements accomplished by the bureau including completing the first full year of operation for the Roman Chariot, which transported 11,850 passengers around Downtown Rome; and introducing the Rome Flavor Tours where 12 different tours highlighted new or unique dishes and drinks in Rome.

Rome Sports highlights include Hosting ACC Men’s & Women’s Championships and making ACC history by running four consecutive matches during the championships; and receiving a USTA Southern Grant for Wheelchair Tennis.

With the success of the past year, the Georgia’s Rome Office of Tourism looks forward to hosting a state assessment team this year to identify product development opportunities for Floyd County.

Download PDF of Report: 2017 Annual Report