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Myrtle Hill-Oak Hill Memorial Association

Myrtle Hill-Oak Hill Memorial Association is dedicated to improving and maintaining historic places of rest and places of historic importance in Georgia’s Rome since 1998. The volunteer-based non-profit organization works closely with governmental agencies and other non-profit groups to support planning, implementation and preservation efforts.

LabyrinthTranquility Garden – Rome Labyrinth

The Myrtle Hill – Oak Hill Memorial Association is funding a new project to create a rock garden to both beautify and control erosion on the hill beside the labyrinth; one of Rome’s most popular attractions. Myrtle Hill/Oak Hill Memorial Association (MHOHMA) is accepting donations of all amounts.

Giving Opportunities:

– Individuals who give donations of $150 and greater will be added to the permanent garden dedication sign.

– $650 Bird Bath sponsor; concrete, 3-tiered fountain

– $750 Bridge Sponsor; designed and hand-crafted by John Schulz

– $1,400 Bench; designed and hand-crafted out of concrete by Evan Ross with Concrete Design

– Donations are accepted in all amounts.

Please make your check payable to MHOHMA.  Mail or deliver your checks to the Georgia’s Rome Welcome Center and Gift Shop located at:

402 Civic Center Drive, Rome, GA 30161

Checks should be made payable to MHOHMA. 

As Time Goes By Garden

The Myrtle Hill – Oak Hill Memorial Association funded a garden on Neely Hill beside the Rome Clocktower.

Landscape artist, John Schulz, has designed a new garden titled, As Time Goes By.  “As the clock chimes to announce the time of day, the garden will follow time through the seasons, announcing the shifts with changing flowers and foliage,” said Shulz.  “The garden and the clock will work together to present a ‘Fourth Dimension’”

The area for the garden is located on the east and south upper borders of the hill facing East Third Street.  The total garden will span about 170 feet. Paths will lead visitors into and through the garden that will feature flowering blooms every day of the year once the garden grows in.

View Landscape Plan: As Time Goes By Garden

The garden will be dedicated in honor of historian, Anne Culpepper, and the time she has spent sharing her love of Rome’s history. Ann started volunteering for the tourism office in 1992 where she served daily. Her volunteer work has included organizing and leading field trips for local schools at Myrtle Hill Cemetery; leading step-on-tours for the Between the Rivers Historic District and is a charter member of the Myrtle Hill/Oak Hill Memorial Association. Anne retired from her official tourism volunteer duties in 2017, but is still engaged in the local community.

Meditation Garden

The Myrtle Hill-Oak Hill Memorial Association in conjunction with Rome Federated Garden Clubs dedicated the Meditation Garden at Myrtle Hill Cemetery on Friday, October 14, 2016. The garden overlooks Myrtle Hill at the river confluence. The landscape plan echoes the allure of Rome’s seven hills and three rivers. and was designed by landscape artist, John Schultz. Learn more.

Myrtle Hill Fundraising

Fundraising efforts continue to restore the sentinel monument atop Historic Myrtle Hill Cemetery, which has stood as the centerpiece of the cemetery since 1887.

Known Soldier Memorial Site at Veteran’s Plaza at Myrtle Hill Cemetery

The centerpiece of this Plaza is the tomb of America’s Known Soldier, Charles Graves, which is guarded by three 1904 water-cooled automatic machine guns. A bronze replica of a World War I “Doughboy” also enhances this inspiring site. More than 3,000 engraved bricks honor and memorialize military veterans and civilians for their service to this country in war or peace throughout all of American history.

Von and Rosalind Gammon Memorial

A plaque was placed at the corner of Broad Street and 4th Avenue in memory of Von and Rosalind Gammon. Vonn played football for the University of Georgia. On October 30, 1897, Gammon suffered a severe head injury and died the next day. The Georgia Legislature was called into session and passed a bill that would put an end to the game. Gammon’s mother, Rosalind, sent an impassioned letter to Governor Atkinson asking that he veto the bill. The bill was vetoed and Mrs. Gammon became known as “the Woman Who Saved Football in Georgia.”

Winecoff Memorial Site

In honor of the Sesquicentennial of the establishment of Myrtle Hill Cemetery, a memorial was added to the Streetscape of Broad Street, a tribute to honor four Romans who died in the Atlanta Winecoff Hotel fire on December 7, 1946. The memorial is located at the corner of Broad Street and 6th Avenue.


Myrtle Hill Cemetery Rome, Ga.

Historic Myrtle Hill Cemetery in Rome, Ga.

Gifts can be made payable to: MHOHMA

Mail or deliver payments to: 402 Civic Center Drive, Rome, GA 30161

Myrtle Hill/Oak Hill Memorial Association is a non-profit 501 C (3) organization.