Visitor Guide

Blossom Hill Trail

Dogwood Drive, Rome, Ga 30161

Trail Length: 2 miles; trail wraps up the hill along terraces and circles back to starting point

Originally built by the WPA in the 1930’s for the purpose of creating Rome City Park, the terraces on Blossom Hill are a defining feature. At just over 2 miles of trails, Blossom Hill is ideal for walkers and trail runners. If you are mountain biking, this trail is not for beginners, but skilled, intermediate riders due to the narrow and challenging undulations along the terrain.

Steve Kight has been instrumental in building not only one, but two trails in Rome. He was one of the original trail builders who worked on the GE Trails at Garrard Park in 2016, and his ideas can be seen throughout the park such as the kid’s skills course by the trail head and the Boundary Trail on the backside. However, once the majority of the GE trails were completed, Steve, never one to be idle, was onto another idea that had been germinating since he had ridden the trails at Jackson Hill, building a looping trail along the Blossom Hill terraces. Once the City of Rome approved the initial layout at the base of the city water works facility, Steve and a few hand picked TRED volunteers, including his son Sam and Mark Brown, to begin the demanding task of clearing the terraces and sculpting the trail bed.

Blossom Hill adjacent to the Jackson Hill trails. 


There is not a trail head parking lot, but we recommend parking along the shoulder on Dogwood Drive, then walking uphill to the entrance.  The entrance to the trail is located on Dogwood Drive at the corner of Vaughn Road and Dogwood Drive. You will see a sign marks the entrance to the trail. The city has installed a gravel pathway providing access over the road shoulder drainage ditch to the trail entrance.


Blossom Hill trail