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How to be a Tourist in Your Own Hometown

Posted April 27, 2018 by Georgia's Rome Staff Writers in Dining, Downtown, Feature, Life in Rome, Outdoors, Shopping, Things to Do

It’s Tourism Week! To celebrate this exciting time, we made a list of some different ways to be a tourist in your very own hometown!

If you live in Floyd County, then you have the privilege of waking up, going to work, and enjoying life in one of the most happening places in Northwest Georgia. But how often in the hustle of daily life do you stop to realize the treasures and excitements all around? Here are the tips and tricks for how to become a tourist in your own hometown!

One: Catch a Sunrise or Sunset

Sunrise at Rocky Mountain Center.

Don’t sleep in! Get out of bed and explore the city while it’s still waking up–get a different perspective on the town you love. Head downtown and watch the sunrise over the Clocktower or hike up the steep (but rewarding) climb to the House of Dreams. Not only will you start the day with an exhilarating jaunt, you might just see something you’ve been missing while living here!

The sunsets in the South are second to none. End your day right by hiking up the beautiful Myrtle Hill Cemetary for one of the best views of the setting sun and Downtown Rome. The cannons on  Jackson Hill is also a great location for enjoying the beauty of our town through the colors of the sunset.

Adventurers waiting for their turn on the zipline!

Two: Go on an Adventure

You might often think that adventure lies in the unknown– in traveling to different cities or countries, across big bodies of water in planes or on ships. We know better. We know that adventure is an intangible spirit of being where the journey-seeker approaches any outing with a mindset of excitement– a mindset that each day brings the possibility of adventure. Here in Rome and Floyd County, we’ve got adventure. Glide over one of our rivers on a paddleboard/kayak or take a hike on one of our famous hills. But it doesn’t stop there. Dare Devil Ziplines in Cave Spring is a venue that hosts groups and individuals who dare to strap themselves in and swing across the line!

Three: Support Your Local Sports Team

The Rome Braves’ season lasts from April to September so indulge in the great American past time right here in your hometown! Get your ticket and immerse yourself in the smell of buttery popcorn, fresh cut grass, and sweet treats. Since their 2016 South Atlantic League Champion title, the Rome Braves are definitely a team to watch.

Four: Take Photos Like a Tourist

Check out our Mural Trail and make a list of places to visit and take photos with friends! Pretend that you’re touring a new city and need to take lots of photos for the memories. You may discover a new fave spot when you explore.  Be silly and creative with your photos and always tag us with #romegeorgia when you post.

Five: Go on a Tour!

The gorgeous Oak Hill. Photo credits to Sarah Carol.

Speaking of tourists, we have several self-guided and guided tours for all interests! We have free tours such as the Georgia’s Rome Film Tour.  The pdf download will guide you to visiting Oak Hill and Swan Lake at Berry College where different movies were made.   For nature enthusiasts, we also have the Myrtle Hill Cemetary Tree Tour, on which you can discover some of the rare species of trees that reside upon the hill!

But that’s far from all! Rome is also known for our Flavor Tours and Downtown Walking Tours. Foodies will enjoy a very special taste of your hometown and history fans will enjoy learning more about the very streets and buildings you see every day from our local historians.






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