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Myrtle Hill Cemetery Tree Tour, Self-Guided

Public parking lot located at corner of Broad St & Branham Ave. ,

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Tree Tour Maps

Download pdf: Myrtle Hill Cemetery Tree Tour

Printed tour maps: Pick up a map at the Georgia’s Rome Gift Shop & Welcome Center locations

About Myrtle Hill Cemetery Tree Tour

Discover over 35 different species of trees in this self-guided tree tour of Rome’s Historic Myrtle Hill Cemetery. Many trees are rare and not native to the Northwest Georgia Area. In 2018, the Georgia Urban Forest Council recognized the trees at Myrtle Hill and placed them on their Landmark and Historic Tree Register.

Download the map below and start anywhere on the map. Locate a tree from the map either by it’s name or it’s number. Stainless steel tags hang from trees that are marked on Myrtle Hill.  Continue to the next tree on your path until you’ve located all the tree species on the map.  Some tree species may be located in several areas of the cemetery. Other species, especially non-native trees, may only have one tree.

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Tree Tour of Myrtle Hill