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Berry College Campus Trails

2277 Martha Berry Hwy NW, Mt Berry, GA 30149

(706) 232-5374

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Dawn to Dusk

At 27,000 acres, Berry’s is the world’s largest college campus. Trails are located throughout the campus from paved trails to hiking trails to horseback riding trails; and there is beauty to be discovered on every path you take.


Easiest = Level 1 >>> Most Difficult = Level 5+

Viking Trail: Level 1, 3.5 Miles, hard surface concrete

Old Redmond Gap Road: Level 1, 3.2 Miles, dirt

Old High School Road: Level 1, 3.0 miles, dirt

O’Bryan Gap Road: Level 2, 3.0 miles, dirt

Possum Trot Road: Level 2, 3.0 miles, gravel

CCC Road: Level 2, 2.0 miles, heavy gravel

Connecting CCC Road: Level 2, 1.2 miles

Old Mill to Reservoir: Level 3, 1.1 miles, dirt/gravel

Mountain Goat: Level 4, 7.0 Miles, dirt/some gravel

House o’ Dreams: Level 4, 2.6 miles, light gravel

Swafford Pond (Snow Loop): Level 5, 8.0 Miles, Includes 1.5 miles of steep climb

Hurtin’ Gator: Level 5+, 1/5 miles, direct and steep climb

Gunby Riding Trail: horse trail

Longleaf Trail: footpath only

Visiting Campus

  • All visitors are required to check-in at the front gate and show a drivers license.
  • Ask for a printed map of trails and attractions to see while on campus
  • The campus is open to visitors from dawn to dusk
  • Trails located in the Wildlife Management Area (WMA) are closed at specific times during hunting seasons
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