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Rome Mural Colab

Rome Mural CoLab is an initiative led by two local artists created to ignite public spaces and interest in Rome, Georgia through mural art—inspiring tourism, pride and community beautification. Xaivier Ringer and Ellie Borromeo, the artists leading RMC, engage the Rome community in the arts in a way that is accessible. They combine skills, industries and a creative workforce that drives economic empowerment and activates spaces that produce high-impact results to ignite change.

Since the summer of 2020, Rome Mural CoLab have painted more than 5 projects. RMC wants to see Rome thrive as a welcoming hub for artists and public art.

Rome Mural Colab artists Xaivier Ringer and Ellie Borromeo
Rome Mural Colab mobile mural
Rome Mural Colab mural
Rome Mural Colab