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April Artist Spotlight: Kimberly McGuiness

Posted April 10, 2018 by Georgia's Rome Staff Writers in Arts, Events, People

With her brightly-colored collages and fun images, it only makes sense that Kimberly McGuiness would be our April Artist Spotlight! To highlight her work, we interviewed Kimberly to find out more about her life as an artist!

According to Kimberly, the creative spirit has always been a major part of her life since grammar school. From 1976-1877, her artwork earned a Certificate of Achievement from the Florida Winter Park Arts Festival. She was blessed with a daughter in 1988, who is beautifully described as “a ray of sunshine surrounded by an infections loving spirit who is living with deaf autism.” From that time until 2008, her art was placed on hold until she began journaling again, which led her to where she is today– living and working in Cave Spring, Georgia.

Some of Kimberly’s inspirations are nature, different cultures, patterns, and her own imagination. Above all, her “grooviest inspirations” are flowers! The interesting textures and colors provide a beautiful base for her more whimsical pieces.

In her spare time, Kimberly enjoys gardening, photography, and exploring flea markets and junk shops. She often takes photographs of her garden to share online!

When asked what the future of her artwork looked like, she informed us that she is working on improving her watercolor skills and developing an online class to release later this year!

Come check out Kimberly McGuiness’ creations at the Last Stop Gift Shop.


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