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Three Trails in Rome You May Not Know About

Posted February 26, 2018 by Georgia's Rome Staff Writers in Life in Rome, Nature, Outdoors, Things to Do

Spring will be here before we know it and soon you’ll be wanting to get in the car, drive to Rome, and hit our famous trails. In anticipation of the season, we’ve put together a list of trails worth the drive to discover!

  1. Marshall Forest

Located just off of Horseleg Creek Road, Marshall Forest was the first National Landmark in Georgia (1966). It is also one of the last old-growth pine-hardwood timber in Northwest Georgia. The trail is vast, covering over 300 acres of wildlife, but it also hosts the ADA Braille Trail among the self-guided tours. While the wildlife is incredibly diverse, this trail boasts the largest population of skullcap in Georgia- an herb in the mint family.  This trail is self-guided, can be easily walked within an hour, and has numerous plant identification tags and plaques in Braille.

2. The Longleaf Pine Trail

The Longleaf Pine Trail begins at the Old Mill at Berry College and winds across Lavender Mountain. The trail is part of the preservation of the Mountain Longleaf Pine– a project maintained by faculty and students at Berry College. The importance of this trail lies in maintaining a species that is safe from disease. Also, the management of this trail lends itself to reducing the risk of uncontrollable wildfires. Along the trail, there is a plaque with information on the area and the local wildlife. This trail can get quite steep in a few places, but it offers some beautiful views. You can also stop at the Berry Reservoir and explore that area as well!

Sunlight finds its way on the Bob and Peggy Moore Walking Trail at Garrard Park.

3. The GE Trails at Garrard Park

Probably Rome’s newest trail system, the trails at Garrard Park offer the chance to observe nature through walking, hiking and biking with trails for all skill levels. Miles of undulating trails are perfect for mountain biking. A family-friendly trail loops around the property. The land is part of the 124 acres that Dr. John L. Garrard sold to General Electric in the 1950’s. What you may not know is part of this land was once Rome’s first airport where a man named Robert Stroop (certified in flight by Orville Wright himself) delivered an airplane. Mr. Stroop would also fall in love with and marry one of Mr. Garrard’s daughters.

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