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Georgia’s Rome Digital Puzzles

Digital Puzzles of Beautiful Georgia’s Rome Places


Finished all the puzzles in your house? Check out these interactive digital puzzles featuring some of our favorite Georgia’s Rome locations.

Find instructions on how to use the puzzles at the bottom of the list.

Downtown Rome, Georgia- Play this Puzzle

Downtown Rome is the place to be! Filled with fun and friendly shops and restaurants, you will have a one-of a kind experience here in Georgia’s Rome. First time visiting Rome? Visit our  Downtown Welcome Center for a Hospitality Association discount card!

Downtown Rome Photo credit: Keith Beauchamp

Rome Clocktower – Play this Puzzle

As the official symbol of Rome, the Clocktower was built on top of the decagonal brick tower that once served as the city’s first water reservoir. Standing at the height of our Downtown historic district, the Clocktower is located just a few blocks away from our vibrant downtown! This iconic Clocktower is offers free and private tours. Click here for more details!

Lindale Mill – Play this Puzzle

The historic mill in Lindale is a place of special memories for many, and a place of beauty for all.

Lindale Mill Photo credit: Crystal McCord

How to play the digital puzzles

  • Click on the “Play” link or puzzle image of your choosing.
  • Puzzles can be played on your phone, tablet, or desktop.
  • Drag and drop the pieces to complete the puzzle.
  • Send to your friends and compete to see who can complete their puzzle the fastest!

Having trouble?

  • Hover over the image icon at the top of the puzzle screen to reveal the full image of the puzzle.
  • Click the image icon at the top of the puzzle screen to show the full image of the puzzle at all times.
  • Reload the puzzle to change the number of puzzle pieces in the setting to decrease (or increase) skill level.

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