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Honeycream Artisan Gelato

4 East Third Ave, Rome, GA 30161


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Thursdays 3:30-9pm, Fridays- Saturdays: 12:30-9pm, Sundays: 12:30-7pm

Simple and Sweet. Enjoy Organic, Local, Grass-Fed Milk and Cream from Working Cows is the best of our creamy gelato. A Simple Name To Represent Both The Simplicity Of Our Ingredients, And The Sweetness Of Our Gelato. Eschewing Artificial Flavors, Colors, Sweeteners And Preservatives, We Bring You Only The Best.

What is gelato?

Gelato is not Ice Cream, but is a frozen dessert made of milk, sugar, and cream

What is the difference between gelato and ice cream?

Air: Gelato Is Prepared With Less Air Mixed In. This Gives It More Density And A Creamier Mouthfeel.

Fat: Made With More Milk, And Less Cream Than Ice Cream, The Lower Fat Content Of Gelato Increases The Fluidity, While Still Increasing The Density Of This Treat. Also, Fat Hides Flavor, So The Lesser Fat Content Means That Gelato Flavors Are More Vibrant On The Tongue.

Temperature: Served At A Warmer Temperature Than Ice Cream, The Tastebuds Are Better Able To Sense Flavors In Gelato. This Also Means That Gelato Is Best Served Fresh, Optimally Within One To Two Days After It Is Made, Which Is Why We Make Our Gelato Daily.



Gelato from Honeycream Artisan Gelato