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Sennett Memorial Amphitheater & Exhibition Space (Coming Soon)

Construction Underway

Construction of an arts amphitheater and exhibition space is underway at the grounds of the Sara Hightower Regional Library in partnership with Floyd County.  The project is made possible through a generous gift from Dr. and Mrs. Charles “Soc” Sennett.  Rome Area Council for the Arts (RACA) is overseeing, all aspects of design and construction of the space. Upon completion, the facility will showcase the talents of local arts organizations, groups and community members.

RACA will oversee the planning, design, construction and use of an outdoor artistic space in the form of an amphitheater located on the grounds of the Rome/Floyd County Library and made possible through the cooperation of the Floyd County Commission and generous donation of the Sennett Family in memory of their son, Charles O. “Chuck” Sennett, III. Chuck died in a plane crash in 1995 and was well known for his aerial photography. He had won several awards for his work, including two international competitions.

This space will be utilized by the community, with an emphasis on arts organizations, performances, exhibits, demonstrations, and the like. The design will pay special attention to the natural landscape of the site as well as the multiple uses the site will serve.

(updated Oct 2023, from 2017 announcement)