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Georgia’s Rome Passports

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outdoor pass

Outdoor Pass

Explore Rome Outdoors. Check In. Get Rewards.
The outdoor pass is your ticket to experience beautiful activities like walking scenic trails and viewing historic sites.

Experiences Include:
– A hike that encircles a Civil War earthen fortification system
– Walking through an ancient 300,000-year-old cave
– Viewing one of the world’s largest overshot waterwheels
– Traversing winding paths atop a historic cemetery to view the confluence of three rivers

Prizes Include:
-Complete 6 experience and earn a free water bottle
-Complete all 14 outdoor experiences and claim your free Georgia’s Rome T-shirt!

It’s free to participate, mobile exclusive, no apps to download!

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Explore Georgia's Rome PassDiscount Pass 

Explore Rome. Check In. Get Discounts & Rewards.

This discount pass rewards for exploring area attractions, shops and restaurants. The pass is free and instantly delivered via email and text.

The free pass also rewards you with prizes and coupons. Plus, passholders have the chance to win tickets and giveaways just for having the pass!

Free Prizes Include: Custom Rome stickers, wireless phone charger, custom Georgia’s Rome bag.

Coupons Include: Free gifts with purchase, half off purchases, discounts, and buy one, get one free.

Giveaways Include: Event tickets, tour tickets, and fun gifts.

It’s free to participate, mobile exclusive, no apps to download!

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