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As Time Goes By Garden

East Second Street, Rome, GA 30161

The As Time Goes By Garden celebrates the changing of the seasons throughout Rome and dedicated to a woman who has been constant in her love for all things Rome: Anne Culpepper. Located on the eastern flank of the Clock Tower, was designed by John Schulz for visitors to enjoy year-round blooms reflecting the changing time of year.

Plants in the garden include camellias, drift and coral drift roses, gold mount spirea, hydrangea, frost proof gardenia, autumn fern, “stained glass” hosta, dogwood trees, tea olive tree, the buddleia butterfly bush and much more. View John’s plant guide of the garden.

This beautiful garden, is dedicated to Anne Culpepper, local historian and community volunteer. Anne has given countless hours promoting Rome and Floyd County since 1992, and has led an immeasurable number of groups to the top of the clock.

Ann Culpepper with her grandson and family in the garden

John’s Artist Statement:

I believe a garden for a place as special as the Rome Clocktower should have a theme. What better theme than Time to go with the Clocktower Garden. As the clock chimes to announce the time of day, the Garden will follow time through the seasons, announcing the shifts with changing flowers and foliage. Something will be in bloom every day of the year. A couple of small paths will meander away from and then back into the main existing walkway. These paths will take the viewer into and through the Garden, which will allow one to enjoy the fourth dimension of the Garden – time. As the Clock chimes out the hours, visitors will be able to view the Garden from the inside out, enjoying the dimensions of height, depth and width. The Clock chimes and the changing of the flowers and foliage throughout the year will offer the fourth dimension of time and the many and various changes that accompany its passage. After a grow-in period, there should be a flower in the Garden every day of the year.  When I was a child and television was just starting to influence children, there was a show, which featured a puppet named Howdy Doody. The moderator and main character was named Buffalo Bob, and one of the regular guests was a beautiful lady with pigtails named Princess Summerfallwinterspring. I was taken with that name and I have always remembered it because it has such a flowing sound and because it conveys a wonderful message of the circle of time. The Garden and the Clocktower will work together to present the “Fourth Dimension.”


John Shulz and his wife Dekie stand beside the garden


The garden is a pollinator garden and is included in the Rosalynn Carter butterfly trail.

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As Time Goes By Garden, butterfly trail