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Strange Things Happening in Rome

Posted August 1, 2019 by Kristi Kent in Arts, Life in Rome

Before you all run out and turn things upside down, here are a few interesting tidbits about Rome.

Rome has it’s own ghostbusters! Southern Paranormal Investigators has investigated locations in Rome including the Floyd County Courthouse and DeSoto Theatre. You can learn more about Rome ghosts at the Haunted on Broad Tours in October and you can tour the DeSoto this Saturday (for free).

Tour the historic DeSoto Theatre this Saturday, August 3

Speaking of upside down, the current 1st floor used to be the 2nd floor! If you look closely, you can still see the original first floor on many Broad Street buildings.

Bricked in window at sidewalk unveils hidden original 1st floor below

Bricked in window at sidewalk unveils hidden original 1st floor below

Sometimes monsters like to hide in walls, we even have some in our walls. The Floyd County Courthouse is admired for it’s beautiful architecture, but have you ever noticed the grotesques on the exterior?

Floyd County Courthouse Photo Credit: Candiss Ayer

Grotesques on the exterior of the Floyd County Courthouse. Photo Credit: Candiss Ayer

Rome has better than ‘Scoops Ahoy’; we have 3 soft frozen treat parlours within 100 feet of each other!  With flavors like Bubble Gum Gelato (sweet and creamy), Play Dough (cookie dough heaven) and Superman (marshmallowy yummy); it’s worth a trip to Rome to try all three!

Ice cream on Broad Street

Step back in the 80’s, the 1880’s that is, when our iconic City Clocktower served as the city’s first source of pressurized water.  Uncover the past with free clocktower tours this Saturday from 12 – 2 pm. You might even discover something new from your view at the top.

Stranger things have happened!

Rome Clocktower Photo credit: Greg McCary

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