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Artist Spotlight: Flying Nest Company

Posted October 31, 2018 by Savannah White in Feature, People, Shopping

Those that have the chance to travel the world find many things along the way. Wonderful memories of people and places and the experiences you will remember for the rest of your life. Some return with souvenirs or new hobbies. Gabriela Zini returned with both. Inspired by her trips to Italy she started the Flying Nest Company in 2015 to create handmade jewelry from the enchanting ceramic and glass beads she collected there.

The name, ‘Flying Nest Company’ reflects Gabriela’s love of travel and the discovery that every trip produces.

Gabriela makes a variety of jewelry including necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

Her Italian necklace line is inspired by the latest designs trending during her yearly visits.

Burgundy Paper Covered Wire Necklace With Pearls

Blue Jersey T-Shirt Yarn Necklace With Blue Ceramic Flower

Silver Steel Wire Necklace With Clear Glass And Purple Resin Beads


Her vintage inspired earrings incorporate a timeless appeal that blends perfectly with her own unique addition of Swarovski rhinestones for a particularly glamorous look.

Vintage Ruby Glass Earrings

Vintage Swarovski Sapphire and Blue Opal Rhinestones Earrings

Vintage Czech Orange Sabrina Stones and Swarovski Madeira Topaz Rhinestones Earrings

Vintage Swarovski Peach and White Opal Earrings







She is even working on a new Christmas line! The Holidays Collection Earrings will be a very elegant and colorful collection designed to give women a touch of brightness for the upcoming holiday season.

Emerald and Ruby Rhinestone Earrings

Swarovski Crystal and White Opal Earrings

Gabriela’s designs are available at our own Last Stop Gift Shop and her online Etsy Store. With over 50 designs presently available you are sure to find something you will love!

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Savannah is a Berry College Alumni who enjoys riding horses and vintage shopping. During her leisure time she can be found in a museum or reading a book. Her favorite genres are spy and mystery novels. She loves traveling to Rome’s historical locations and learning about its unique history.

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