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Artist Spotlight: DIGS Inc.

Posted October 2, 2018 by Savannah White in Arts, Feature, People, Shopping

This month’s Artist Spotlight is not an individual, but a nonprofit organization that is making a difference right here in Rome. Their art is born of their mission to Develop Independence, Growth and Security (DIGS Inc.) for adults in our community with developmental challenges. One Step Closer, one of their programs, creates unique handmade garden art which they take to craft shows and sell at our own Last Stop Gift Shop.

DIGS was founded due to a need for services, activities, jobs, support, and living arrangements for adults with developmental challenges right here in our community. A group of concerned family members and caretakers started the organization in an effort to fill the gap. Many people with challenges face uncertain futures once they reach adulthood if they are not job-ready straight out of high school. Without friend groups, things to do, a job, or a place to live it is very possible for them to end up living at home with no foreseeable change in their future. DIGS has stepped in to provide all of these things. They presently offer 5 different programs and run a home for independent but assisted living situations for men. They are in the process of acquiring the funding for a second home for women.

DIGS Booth at the Rome  Winter Art Market 2017

Each of the items they sell is handmade from the various supplies they acquire. They make stepping stones, chair planters, and barn quilts along with doing a lot of upcycling on top of their normal items. Anything they find or have donated is used to create unique one of a kind gifts.


DIGS will be at the Winter Art Market here in Rome on December 1-2, 2018. If you would like to help support them financially or by volunteering you can find out more on their website, Facebook, or just drop by the Gift Shop and pick up one of their creations!

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Savannah is a Berry College Alumni who enjoys riding horses and vintage shopping. During her leisure time she can be found in a museum or reading a book. Her favorite genres are spy and mystery novels. She loves traveling to Rome’s historical locations and learning about its unique history.


  1. Phyllis Newton, October 6, 2018:

    I Love how hard the volunteers at DIGS under the guidance of Barbara Monday have worked so hard and long for the benefit of these wonderful special people. It is a lifelong project that benefits all.

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