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Keys To Rome- A Feast for the Eyes, Ears, and Soul

Posted July 9, 2018 by Savannah White in Arts, Downtown, Landmarks, Outdoors, Things to Do

Sporting colorful paint jobs and even a crocheted grassy wonderland, the four pianos located in our own downtown Rome are rather special additions to the landscape. Open to the public to be played and enjoyed, it is not an unusual site to find a musician giving mini concerts in the evening hours when locals and tourists alike gather for all the thrills downtown has to offer. So where can you find these works of art?
Located within four blocks on Broad Street and on the town green they are hard to miss. And as if it wasn’t tempting enough to stop by and visit them, we wanted to make the deal even better. So stop by, enjoy the art and sound of one of these four delightful pianos and snap a selfie to show off your visit. (Don’t forget to use #KeystoRome when you post!) Bring it to the Last Stop Gift Shop or the Downtown Visitor’s Center to get one of these Keys to Rome stickers to show your support for this amazing program and all the things that make Rome great.

Meet the Pianos

2nd Ave & Broad

Piano by Rome Knitterati











This piano is sporting a full summer coat, despite the recent high temperatures. Beautiful designs ranging from flowers to bees cover this ornately crocheted piano. Its keys are a bit different than most with a wooden overlay adding to the meadow theme.

4th Avenue & Broad

Piano by Kristy Perry











Continuing the flowery theme, you will find the next piano delicately painted with pastels of pink, purple, and green on its brown finish. With spindles for legs, it embodies a dainty look from years gone by.

5th Avenue & Broad

Piano by Christian Limón & Angela Tran











In contrast to the delicate features and crocheted style of the last two, this piano rocks vibrant colors and the message, “No Human Is Illegal –Earth”. Painted bright pink with neon splashes of color on the underside, this piano lends a real pop to downtown’s facade.

Town Green/Pedestrian Bridge

Piano by Andi Beyer, Monica Sheppard, Ramsey Cook & Emma Rose Bailey











Speaking of messages for the public, this next piano embodies its message. Decorated with honeycomb pieces sporting messages about all the things a Roman should Bee, it encourages us to Bee Fierce, Bee Strong, and Bee Rome. Boldly painted with flowers and bees, it stands guard at the walking bridge as people enter the downtown area.

So now that you know all about the pianos and their locations, make sure to bee there! (Or, you know, bee square.)

Keys to Rome is a temporary Public Art Project. The pianos will be removed on Sunday, July 15. Enjoy them before they disappear!

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Savannah is a Berry College Alumni who enjoys riding horses and vintage shopping. During her leisure time she can be found in a museum or reading a book. Her favorite genres are spy and mystery novels. She loves traveling to Rome’s historical locations and learning about its unique history.


  1. Ann Stewart, July 13, 2018:

    I love the pianos on Broad! So unique and such a nice “home town feeling”!
    Why are they being removed??

  2. Georgia's Rome, July 13, 2018:

    For the pianos that are still in good condition, Keys to Rome will auction the pianos to fund future public projects. You can keep up with the latest on their facebook page:

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