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Best Places to Get a Healthy Meal in Rome

Posted July 26, 2018 by Georgia's Rome in Dining

We get a ton of people looking for a healthy option when they roll through Rome, (looking at you tennis players) so we’ve put together this hearty list for you to chow down on something a little different this time.

Doug’s Deli Downtown

I promise this blog won’t be ONLY salads

What isn’t there to love about Doug’s Deli, one of the best and most popular restaurants in Rome. This delightfully simple deli does it right, absolutely fresh, locally sourced ingredients that come together for extremely satisfying, yet filling meals. One of the more underrated aspects of the deli is they offer a supper club for those craving a home cooked meal.

Harvest Moon Cafe

The salads are much bigger than this I swear!

At Harvest Moon Cafe,  you can get lost in all the delicious menu options, but for healthy options that will leave you feeling full has to be their fantastic loaded salads! Take the Green Apple and Roasted Butternut Squash Salad, tons of flavor, very filling, and plenty of green.. They also make loaded Grain Bowls that really pack in the protein.


High quality ingredients come together for a one-of-a-kind dining experience

Ever since making its debut on Broad Street, Seasons has made huge waves in our culinary culture. Already snagging a coveted Top 100 Plates in Georgia by Georgia Eats Magazine, and having an absolutely killer brunch, there’s nothing you can go wrong with here!


Part of their feel-good breakfast menu, Jamwich serves up tasty smoothies and more!

If you want to be a bit more adventurous, head on over to Jamwich. With everything homegrown and homemade, you’ll be surprised how much you love their mouth-watering unique sandwiches. Try the El Fuego if you want a bit of a kick, or the Roseberry for a tangy turkey sandwich that doesn’t skimp out on flavor.

City Creamery

city creamery

Healthy ice cream? Say no more…

I know, I know. An ice cream shop seems like a questionable addition to a healthy eating blog. But what if I told you they have vegan ice cream? A section of their soft serve options is reserved to low-fat and dairy-free offerings.

Mellow Mushroom & Moe’s BBQ

Mellow Mushroom offers tasty hot wings and other flavors that are baked for a healthier spin on chicken wings. They also serve up super fresh salads. And if you need a gluten free option, Mellow offers gluten free pizzas.

Moe’s has some of the best BBQ around; the smoked turkey salad is a great way to enjoy their BBQ without the bread!

Other Great Places

Swift & Finch Coffee

Need a little energy boost while exploring? Swift & Finch serves only the freshest coffee because all their beans are roasted in-house. You can even watch the roasting process and bring home a pound of your favorite roast to help you remember your visit to Georgia’s Rome.

Spartan Smoothies

A smoothie shop that prioritizes health and wellness above all else, with several different types of proteins, fresh fruit and purees, and plenty of protein-packed snacks to keep you full all day long, makes this the perfect place to refuel.

Jerusalem Grill

You’ve heard of the Mediterranean Diet, and there’s a reason why this food is touted as so healthy. I recommend the Chicken Kabob or Gyro Salad; packed full of fresh veggies!

Middle Eastern Grill

Delightful Middle Eastern cuisine comes to Rome with plenty of food for your dollar. I suggest the beef shawarma flatbread with an order of hummus.

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