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Artist Spotlight: Sue Hamler Lee

Posted July 25, 2018 by Savannah White in Arts, Feature, People, Shopping

When you think of a Roman, a Georgia Roman, you think of all the values and attributes that we hold dear. A kind and giving person that invests in our community and is proud of Rome’s history and accomplishments. This month’s artist spotlight is all of these things and more. A Rome native, influencer, teacher, and artist, Sue Hamler Lee has served us as a commissioner and continues to find new ways to present Rome in its best light through her various artistic creations.


“Everyone needs something that, when they wake up in the morning, they are excited to do.”

– Sue Lee



Sue’s ‘Remember When’ collection features vintage photographs and postcards available through applications that can only be described as out of the box. And on the box. With a perfected papier mache style, she has created “city blocks” with pictures of Rome on every side, notebooks, paper flowers, jewelry, and yes… boxes.

Recently Sue has used her years of expertise to begin a new line based on one of Rome’s newest community efforts, bees. (Rome is now officially a Bee City USA.) With an offering of some of her bestselling products now available in Bee style, you can show your support with colorful necklaces, earrings, and Sue’s signature blocks.

Sue Lee has been such a driving force in our community for years and we are proud to carry both of her collections at the Last stop Gift Shop. We look forward to seeing what all she has to offer this year at the Winter Art Market, December 1st and 2nd. See you there!








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Savannah is a Berry College Alumni who enjoys riding horses and vintage shopping. During her leisure time she can be found in a museum or reading a book. Her favorite genres are spy and mystery novels. She loves traveling to Rome’s historical locations and learning about its unique history.

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