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8 Summer Looks For Festivals and Fairs (Rome Apparel)

Posted May 11, 2018 by Georgia's Rome Staff Writers in Downtown, Festivals, Seasonal, Shopping

In preparation for our upcoming Festivals and Fairs, we’ve put together some groovy outfits to get you through. Lucky for us, we’ve got the unique shopping choices on Broad Street to help us out!

  1. At Snazzy Rags, we found this gorgeous blue two-piece outfit. Paired with a basic white tee, it’s the perfect go-to for this summer!
  2. Do Good Boutique had the perfect earrings to pair with the simple tank top and boyfriend-jean ensemble that seems to take over the festival scene. The fun, dangly hoops with golden tassels reminded us of the summer sun, which is why they caught our eye!
  3. Menswear is huge stand-out at Whistle Britches. With a brand like Lucky Brand in their stores, guys are sure to walk out with the perfect distressed tee. We love this graphic tee the employees put together, but there were so many good pieces to choose from!
  4. Paula’s Boutique has the hook-up with the hats. Outdoor festivals in the hot sun can be brutal so grab some shade with these awesome accessories at a store conveniently located in Downtown Rome!
  5. Nothing is trendier than a pop of color and Greene’s Jewelers is just the place to go! Opt for something simple and elegant when sporting your fun frills with this gorgeous piece. 
  6. Next, we went to Craze Boutique to see what styles they could offer the spring festival-goer. What we found was another two-piece floral set that’s perfect for the warmer spring days OR nights when paired with a distressed denim jacket. 
  7. Smartypants is Rome’s premiere upscale resale shop where the buyer can locate excellent brands at an affordable price! With an abundance of options from tot to teen/adult, we love seeing what we can find at this consignment store!
  8. Ford, Gittings, and Kane, the selections of bright and fun jewelry grab the eye immediately upon entering the store. These pieces are the perfect pop of blue, which seems to be on-trend this season. No matter what you’re looking for- the unique shops in Downtown Rome will be sure to have everything you need for festival season!
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