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Rome Flavor Tours – What You Don’t Want to Miss Out On

Posted April 27, 2018 by Georgia's Rome in Dining, Feature, Tours

We’ve officially hit the one year mark with our flavor tours! Since we began in 2017, we’ve been bringing the culinary experience and fresh flavors to adventurous individuals wanting to try something new. Now we’re going to gonna show you everything you don’t want to miss out on with these delightfully delicious food tours!

Harvest Moon Cafe

Red Headed Stranger Sliders & Fried Green Tomatoes

A Taste of Rome Like You’ve Never Seen

One of my best kept secrets that adds to the fun surprise of every tour is that you never really know whether I’m just picking something from the restaurant menus. I can choose from standard menus, catering exclusive dishes, limited special items, and sometimes I just let the chefs get extra creative and make something from scratch.  Harvest Moon Cafe‘s sliders (pictured) take all the big flavor and pack it down into a fun little package, honestly, these would be perfect for the Dark Side of the Moon!


Authentic Street Tacos from LocoMex

Picky Eaters Welcome

One of the things some people tell is that they think the tour sounds like so much fun, but they are unsure about participating due to being a self-described picky eater. There’s nothing wrong with sticking to what what you know you like, but IF you’re feeling a little adventurous, leave the menu to Nic, and I guarantee you’ll find at least one new thing to love! I used to be picky as well, until a group dinner while in college where I wasn’t sure of anything, so I had no choice but to try something new, and I’ve been doing the same since then.

Honeymoon Bakery

Gateau de Honore from Honeymoon Bakery

Always Picture Perfect

We all know that person who posts everything to Instagram. On our Flavor Tours, we love them, and the chefs do too. Each item is not only crafted for our taste buds, but for our eyes as well. Take this French dessert from Honeymoon Bakery. In truth, I had requested for them to surprise the group, and behold, THEY DID NOT DISAPPOINT. As soon as these were placed on the table, every person had their phones out to show to all their friends!

What Are You Waiting For?

I firmly believe that people from all walks of life can come together over great food, and that is one of the big drivers behind me starting these flavor tours. If you’re convinced of the same and want to join in a culinary adventure with me in Rome, then grab your tickets today!

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