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Breakfast at Jamwich, Rome’s New Best Thing

Posted April 3, 2018 by Georgia's Rome in Dining, Feature

Jamwich recently hosted a food pop-up to preview the new breakfast offering, and after a night full of food and music, here’s my hot take on Georgia’s Rome latest breakfast offerings.


The Tosh Rolls

Jamwich Creativity Meets Classic Southern Comfort

Packed with guests, all of us couldn’t be more excited to stuff our faces. Everyone ordered drinks while waiting for the food and we were listening to live music from Side Project, a three-man band performing eclectic covers of popular and classic rock songs. (If anyone knows them, please comment below with a link, because this is some talent that should be featured Downtown more often!)

While the food was being prepared, I settled in with my handy choice of Terrapin Sound Czech — aptly bought during the pre-show check for Side Project. Kicking off the night was the Classic Chadwick, buttermilk biscuits served with Shelby’s salmon patties smothered in a rich pepper gravy and a large cantaloupe wedge. The gravy was rich, the biscuits were fluffy, and the salmon was de-lectable, although I wouldn’t have minded if the salmon patty was slightly larger. I was a happy camper right off the bat.

The New Trend That I Want to See

Side Project doling out the jams

Next up were some offerings A’ La Carte. Hippie Hash and Fuego Grits, yummy additions with your main meal. The Hippie Hash was Jamwich’s take on the loaded hashbrown casserole and was good, but not quite my thing. Now the Fuego Grits is something I can get behind, and subsequently chow down. If you’re a fan of the El Fuego jamwich, then you’ll love these grits (which are a hard competition for Seasons’ smoked gouda grits), a sharp cheddar base with a swirl of strawberry jam and plenty of that buffalo/chipotle kick us El Fuego fans crave.

The next item to come out was the Curd is the Wurd, devilishly delicious cranberry-orange biscuits (that’s right) topped with a generous helping of orange curd. Now I don’t care what you say, THIS is the new trend I wanna see. I cannot understate this genius way to serve biscuits, it is truly next level.

Finally, I finished off the night with a one-two punch from the Tosh.Rolls and Dirty Vegas. You hit the jackpot with the dirty vegas; because you’re looking at a loaded brisket-biscuit with signature pimento cheese, bacon and raspberry-jalapeno jam, honestly it’s transcendental.

Hit the jackpot with the Dirty Vegas

Then the Tosh. Rolls… the TRUE GAME CHANGER. We’re talking a sinnamon roll baked with sharp cheddar for consistency and topped with more of that amazing ooey-gooey orange curd. Just thinking about it brings a tear to my eye. This alone will probably inspire others to copy Jamwich (but we know they can’t), it’s just too good, truly heaven in every bite!

Breakfast couldn’t have been better executed, and with an absolutely jam-packed night with so many people excited to get a first taste, the votes are in, and they all say you NEED to check out breakfast at Jamwich! I will also give a huge shoutout to Side Project for some great tunes!

I Came for the Food, but I Stayed for the Jams

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