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Take A Tour of our Very Own Mural Trail!

Posted March 16, 2018 by Georgia's Rome Staff Writers in Arts, Downtown, Outdoors, Things to Do

We are thrilled to be included in the Georgia Mural Trail through Cave Spring’s mural of famous historical sites in their area!  Painted in 2015 by John W. Christian on a 100 year-old building, the mural highlights the Native American heritage and the site of the Georgia School for the Deaf.

In light of the recognition by the Georgia Mural Trail, we’d like to draw attention to some off-the-beaten-path murals that make for a fun photoshoot or the chance to experience history here in Rome and more in Cave Spring!

Located at 6770 Cave Spring Road SW– you can’t miss it!

Throwback to when our Elf on the Shelf Roman was featured on the mural!

The Big Cedar Creek RV & Outdoor Center is a must-stop! They have two interesting and beautiful murals: one is a blue jeep to the left of the building and another is a very large, outdoorsy painting on a building to the right. Both make the perfect backdrop for taking a family photo after an exciting adventure on the river!

Rome has some fun advertising of everyone’s favorite summertime soda! Located across from Southeastern Mills on Broad Street, our Coca-Cola mural has an authentically aged quality that makes strolling past feel like a walk through history. While on that side of Rome, you can walk right past River Dog Outpost (while stopping in for a brew) and check out their Sweetwater mural!

The blue jeep at Big Cedar Creek is new and fun!

But there are other gorgeous murals conveniently located in the Downtown Rome area! Located in Heritage Park, next to the Coosa River and past the Robert Redden bridge are stunning floral scenes that line the pathway. Whether you’re biking, running, or walking the trail– you won’t be able to miss these incredible artistic expressions!

So here’s the challenge: take one day to head to Rome, explore all of the murals in Historic Downtown, and take a selfie or group photo in front of each one! Afterwards, enjoy the variety of shopping and dining that Downtown Rome has to offer. The next day, take a short trip to Cave Spring and do the same thing– stopping first at Big Cedar Creek Outdoor Center, then heading to the center of Cave Spring where you can also enjoy their antique stores and leave with Martha Jane’s Fudge!




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  1. Lila Dobbs Padgett, March 18, 2018:

    As a displaced Roman I enjoy seeing things like this about my home town.

  2. Shane Clements, March 21, 2018:

    There is a lot of great artist and artwork displayed around the Rome area. Morgan did a great job bringing attention to the beautiful murals here. They are beautiful to look at and make for great photo opportunities and locations for the photographers in the area.

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