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Get Mom the Perfect Gift for Mother’s Day from the Last Stop Gift Shop

Posted March 11, 2018 by Georgia's Rome in Holiday, Lists

Mother’s Day is coming up and time is running out if you haven’t gotten a gift for mom. Rather than being THAT person that doesn’t give a loving to their mother, why not stop in the Last Stop Gift Shop for something that will show her you truly care?

A Beautiful Cross for the Spiritual Mom

Wall Cross by Kimberly McGuiness

This artistic crucifix will be sure to catch the attention of houseguests!

Give Your Mother the Gift of a Personal Spa on her Day

A variety of spa items for all your spa needs

Let your mother treat herself with this lovely collection of spa items from several of our artists! With bath salts and scrubs from Network Day Service, mini spa experience kit and shea creme from 1818 Farms, therapy foot balm from Indigo and lotion bars from Mustard Seed Soap Shoppe, make it a memorable Mother’s Day for her!

How About One of These Statement Pieces from Clothesline Creations

Cloth Statement Vases from Sherry Perry

Perfect for setting up some decorative flowers or even just leaving around for decoration, moms are sure to love these!

Gift Her Some Amazing Handcrafted Pottery


Decorative Vase and Nesting Bowls

There is just something about the appeal of handcrafted pottery. With these nesting bowls from Gene Billian and decorative vase from Timie Joyave, you can give your mom something that she will cherish for years to come!

Give a Twist on a Classic Gift

Colorful Cloth Bouquet from Katia Pesce

Getting a bouquet of flowers on Mother’s Day is always a great gift idea, but sadly the flowers usually don’t last more than a week or so, so why not get mom a bouquet that’ll stand the test of time?

Get Her Something Special with Some Jewelry

A variety of jewelry at the Last Stop Gift Shop

Some moms want jewelry and that’s fine, we have a large variety of homemade jewelry from many local artists. With necklaces from Rhonda Sadler and Jo Hernandez, and earrings from Rolene Johnson, there’s something she’ll be sure to love!

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