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March Artist Spotlight: Marilyn Lindholm

Posted February 28, 2018 by Georgia's Rome Staff Writers in Arts, Feature, Shopping

Marilyn’s paint set-up on her own kitchen table.

To see the variety and quality of artist Marilyn Lindholm’s work, you would think she had been painting her entire life. What may surprise you is that Marilyn began at the age of 40 when she was roped into attending a YMCA art class. After the two hour class, she knew she would paint for the rest of her life. Before, she would have said that she held no talent for the arts!

“Lifted Up on Eagles Wings”

Marilyn is our Artist Spotlight for the month of March! Most of Marilyn’s work is a plethora of watercolor painting featuring natural themes, which are printed on cards or large, frameable prints. In the Last Stop Gift Shop, Marilyn sells some prints and cards, but you can also find her prints made into jewelry with the help of Rolene Johnson. What sets Marilyn apart from other artists is the fact that (with the help of her husband) she prints all of her work onto high-quality paper. She is an impressionistic-style painter

Rolene Johnson’s jewelry featuring Marilyn Lindholm’s designs for sale at The Last Stop Gift Shop.

who has added to her talent through workshops, other local painters, and even a woman from China in San Francisco!

Marilyn’s artwork portrays the beauty of nature through different florals (poppies, iris blooms, bees, etc.) and some landscapes (mountains, seashores, etc.). Nature highly influences her work, but when asked what most inspires her work, she responded with “teaching.” According to Marilyn, the most rewarding and influential aspect of being an artist is being able to teach others who first thought they had no artistic ability. In her own words: “My favorite thing is teaching somebody who thought they had no ability– (see them) open up to the creativity inside them.”  Another trick that Marilyn uses in her painting is looking at shapes and letting the potential of a shape form inside her mind. Marilyn is also a new member of the Rome Art Coterie Club.

When asked what the future of her artwork holds, Marilyn responded with something very exciting: to paint more scenes or monuments that are native to Rome! She mentioned working on our famous Clocktower and other items like that, as well as, continuing her bookmark creations and what she calls a “cut-out landscape card (a card that folds out and stands up). You can find Marilyn at the Spring Art Market on April 7-8 at 402 Civic Center Drive!





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  1. Martha Drummond, March 16, 2018:

    Marilyn is the kindest, warmest person I know.

    Have you interviewed Richard Donadio (at Harbin Clinic)? He is multi-talented, including art.

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