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A Look Through Rome’s Storied History

Posted February 1, 2018 by Georgia's Rome in Heritage/History

Here in Rome, the history is all around us, filling many with nostalgia from the happy memories evoked. Let’s a look through some of these rare photos from historical moments!

The Rivoli Theatre, now the City Creamery, was a popular Vaudeville movie house in the area

If you thought phone interruptions were bad already, imagine if the movie was silent

One of Rome’s gorgeous homes, Thornwood, property of Shorter University, still looks as majestic today

Disclaimer: There were no thorns in the wood

President Roosevelt gave an address to downtown Rome, and even met with Berry College founder, Martha Berry in 1910

Roosevelt still carried his big stick, but had to talk a bit louder for this

Complain about parking on Broad Street? Even the 1920s looks a little familiar

I mean, how could you tell which car was yours?

In an event that would make others pack up and leave, Rome just grew stronger from our great flood

Honestly, the worst April Fools ever

A Rome dining staple that isn’t as new as they think

Just can’t beat a classic

A local legend who may or may not have something to do with those goats at Black Bluff, Ches McCartney the Goat Man

Cats and dogs are overrated anyway

The Super D grocery that may arguably be the most fondly remembered building in Downtown Rome

This is probably only rivalled by the Krystal

The Masonic Lodge sure has seen some change around it over the years

Iconic masonry, indeed

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