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Artist Spotlight: Donna Chambers

Posted February 1, 2018 by Morgan Stansell in Arts, Feature, People

We are delighted to announce that the Artist Spotlight for the month of February is Donna Chambers! Donna Chambers is a local artist whose artwork you can find at The Last Stop Gift Shop. The artist creates Mixed Media pieces, also called “Altered art” because of the way that the medium she chooses allows her to repurpose items for new expression.

The journey that is Donna’s artwork started as she was creating a gift for the son of a friend’s wedding. After hearing of artwork called “altered books,” Donna knew she had to use her love of the written word in the creation of her pieces. The creation of boxes was a smaller transition from the greater forms of books she was creating and a way to implement her fondness for the symbolism of a box. According to the artist a box is “a repository for a waiting story”– a way of capturing a small moment of emotion and treasuring that sentiment. Donna continues to find inspiration through poetry and nature.

As the former president of Rome’s Art Coterie Club, Donna has been thrilled to be part of such a beneficial club because of its contribution to her growth as an artist and the joy of bringing together a community of artists. According to her, one of the most gratifying outcomes of that experience was uniting Roman artists. Serving as the foundation and President of the club was also incredible important to Donna as an artist because it allowed her to exhibit her art for the first time, thus validating her own identity as an artist.

In her spare time, Donna continues to support Rome’s Art Coterie Club in addition to various other organizations and boards. Once an avid gardener, she now finds herself spending more time in her art studio. When asked what the future of her art looks like, Donna replied that she may begin creating more items using the image of Rome’s Clocktower. No matter the direction she takes, Donna Chambers’ work is an inspiration to all and we are so lucky to carry her items at The Last Stop Gift Shop!

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Morgan is a recent graduate of Berry College who spends most of her time drinking coffee and playing fetch with her dog Apache. Her passions include watching classic film, lifting weights, and exploring Rome's vast history.


  1. Ruth Gardner, February 5, 2018:

    I’ve always loved Donna’s work…..such imagination and talent!

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