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Rome Welcomes a Special Visitor From the North Pole!

Posted November 28, 2017 by Morgan Stansell in Feature, Holiday, Life in Rome, News

Roman planning his destination at the Downtown Visitor Center

When Santa came into town for the Rome Christmas Parade, he dropped off a very special visitor that will be here up until Christmas. Roman the Elf is going to be causing mischief around the city of Rome and reporting back to Santa at the end of December.

Throughout the month of December, you can keep up with Roman on Georgia’s Rome Instagram¬†as he pops in and out of some of our local shops and hangouts. He will also be checking out our famous attractions. Roman will explore the city at night- you never know where he might turn up in the morning! We’ll be posting his whereabouts daily from December 1st to Christmas Day so be sure to check @romegeorgia on Instagram for updates.

No matter what, be on your best behavior because Roman is watching!

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