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Lighting Up Rome with #RomeSelfieStars

Posted November 27, 2017 by Georgia's Rome Staff Writers in People, Shopping, Things to Do

A few weeks ago, the stars fell on Rome as we welcomed renowned film legend Burt Reynolds to our city along with many other talented members of the film industry. The Rome International Film Festival highlighted the best of the accommodations, attractions, and businesses that our city has to offer. That is why this November, we are launching a series called #RomeSelfieStars on Rome Georgia‘s social media sites– promoting cool locations, shops, and eateries alike. We want Romans and visitors to see the faces behind the places we love to gather. 

Frios Gourmet Pops Retail Manger Addie Caldwell and employee.

Starting this month, we’ll be posting fun and silly selfies of local business owners, cool monuments, landmarks, and things to see while you’re in Rome. Be sure to follow our Instagram and you may get some new selfie ideas for yourself!

So be on the look-out for new and familiar faces of Rome as we begin our selfie series. We also encourage you to take your own quirky and fun selfie in front of your favorite places. Be sure to use #romeselfiestars and #romega or #romegeorgia in your posts!



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