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The Hearts and Minds Behind the Creamery

Posted July 7, 2017 by Olivia Mead in Downtown, People

Marc & Jimmy, owners of the City Creamery

What is the story of the Creamery?

Marc: “We’ve been open for a little over a year now, but the journey, of course, started a long time before that. We had an idea that an ice cream shop would do well, with all the resurgence that Broad Street has had. There were a lot of categories represented, and ice cream wasn’t one of them. We chose a building and we spent probably six months doing a build out in here and getting ready, and then we opened up! Jimmy and I worked together for 20 years prior to this; we ran grocery stores. We have a long history since we’ve worked together for a long time. We’re both ‘people people.’”


As a shop, what is your missions beyond serving tasty desserts?

Jimmy: “We want the environment to be friendly and receptive to everybody. We want to set it up where students and college kids could come in and study, and have a good environment to just relax.”

Inside the Creamery


What is it like to work at the Creamery? How do you choose your employees?

Marc: “Well, there’s not many of us! Just me and Jimmy and probably a half a dozen kids, so it’s a family-type environment-”

Jimmy: “- and it’s fun! We want everyone to have fun and enjoy themselves. So that’s what we try to do.”


What makes the Creamery stand out from other frozen yogurt shops?

Marc: “Well, besides frozen yogurt we have soft-serve ice cream; we have hand-scooped ice cream, which you can add toppings to; we also have the coffee bar (with hot coffee, cold coffee, fraps, bubble teas, and we do milkshakes)! We have a great number of things other than just frozen yogurt.

Jimmy: “Our service is better [than other frozen yogurt shops in Rome]. ‘Cause it’s hands-on with both Marc and myself. At least one of us is here all the time.



What are the top three reasons anyone should visit Rome?

Jimmy: “One: Broad Street.

Two: the great medical community”

Marc: “and Three: it has a small-town feel to it. It’s not too small and it’s not too large.”

Jimmy: “You’re only 45 minutes from either Atlanta or Chattanooga!”

Marc: “Be prepared for surprises! You may set out with a plan, but things always tend to happen that you don’t expect. You just have to roll with it.”


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