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Try This: Bubble Teas at the City Creamery

Posted May 16, 2017 by Georgia's Rome in Dining, Downtown, Things to Do

You’ve heard of Bubble Tea, or alternatively Boba Tea, one of the trends that has been rapidly gaining popularity around the world, now you can get it here in Rome at the City Creamery.

city creamery

Almond Bubble Tea with black tapioca and a Georgia Peach milkshake

The City Creamery on Broad Street is serving up some deliciously sweet treats, perfect for the summer season! With many different styles of bubble teas which each have their own different kinds of bubbles, there’s always something new to try each visit! For example, let’s look at their Coconilla, which has coconut, vanilla

If you’re still wondering what exactly is the bubble tea craze, then let me help. The “bubbles” are actually little chewy tapioca pearls that are infused with a sweeter flavor that add a bit more sweetness to the drink as well as something chewy that holds the flavor, providing a fun little snack along with your drink. They also come in smaller bursting varieties with fruity flavors such as kiwi, mango and lychee, to name a few. But teas aren’t the only thing you can add boba to, adding them to milkshakes, smoothies, slushes and even as a soft serve topping add a fun little experience to the item you want!

city creamery

Coffee being made at the City Creamery

Not feeling a bubble tea? Try a delicious hot or iced coffee or hot chocolate. No drinks? Grab a serving of soft serve ice cream or froyo, one of the Georgia famous King of Pops gourmet popsicles, or even some vintage candies (just like the classics in mom and pop stores).

Long story short, you NEED to head over to the City Creamery if you haven’t already and try something, especially the bubble tea!


PS: There is a new drink or item every week, so stop in and #GetCreamed!


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