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Swift & Stark: A Beautiful Collaboration

Posted October 20, 2016 by Georgia's Rome in Dining, Drinks

On Oct. 17 of 2016, I got to taste a cool new craft beer at Dark Side of the Moon. After hearing for a week about the test run of a collaboration between local Swift & Finch and Woodstock’s Reformation Brewery, I was excited to see the fruits (or should I say beans?) of the relationship.


A combination of Reformation’s Stark Toasted Porter and Swift & Finch’s black, honey processed El Salvador cold brew, this beer has all the makings of delicious coffee porter. The boldness of the coffee mixed with the subtle notes of chocolate from the robust porter only adds to the purpose of Stark by contrasting the noise of life, making you sit back and reflect and truly enjoy a moment’s peace.

Right off the bat, you’re hit with the distinct coffee aroma and taste, but afterwards, it mellows out with subtle chocolate notes from the toasted malts prevalent in the Stark brewing process. It had a very dark body with each sip as smooth as the last.

This limited, one-off release was born of spontaneity from a stop for coffee at on Chris Henderson’s homebound trip. As soon as he stepped through the doors, he was wowed by the sight and smell of coffee beans being roasted in house. At this moment he knew, that they could work wonders with this little coffee shop.

“I loved the idea of locally roasted beans,” said Henderson. “We appreciate the passion they have for their craft and it really shows in the beer.”

Once Again It is Here in Rome

In what seems to be one of the best things to happen this year, Swift & Stark will be available Jan. 27, 2017 at River Dog Outpost and the Foundry Growler Station! If you haven’t had the pleasure to try this wonderful beer, get some this weekend!

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