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Best Places to Watch the Sunset in Rome

Posted October 18, 2016 by Georgia's Rome in Nature, Things to Do

Our natural geography lends much to our picturesque landscape. The best part about being situated in a valley surrounded by mountains, is that it makes the perfect setting for sunsets.

From the Cannons at Jackson HillĀ 

Jackson Hill Sunset

Credit: Greg McCary

Watch the sun set over the mountains from up on Jackson Hill surrounded by history. The cannon pedestal offers a great area to sit and watch.

At the top of Myrtle Hill Cemetery

Credit: Greg McCary

Credit: Greg McCary

At the summit of Myrtle Hill Cemetery, you can revel in the tranquility of the your surroundings as you lookout toward the sunset and turn to see downtown Rome light up.

Sitting on the Bench Swing at the Berry College Reservoir

Peter Kim Acas

Credit: Peter Kim Acas

After a day of hiking or mountain biking, take a rest on the swing on the reservoir shore and admire the beauty of this sunset.

From the Top of the Steps at the Town Green and Pedestrian Bridge


See all the colors of the horizon from the top of the Forum or on the Pedestrian Bridge.

Looking out Over the South Broad Bridge

Rome Sunset

Credit: Melissa Warren

Let your mind wander as you gaze over the bridge where the rivers combine.

From the Top of Clocktower Hill

Credit: David Johnson

Feast your eyes over a wondrous panorama of Rome’s nightlife contrasting with the hues of the sky as daylight fades. Currently the Clocktower is undergoing renovation, but the hilltop still offers amazing visuals.

From the Riverbanks or While Paddling on the Oostanaula River

oostanaula river

Credit: Greg McCary

Bask in the ebbing hours of sunlight as you look over calms waters toward the horizon. Take it a step further and see fall foliage before the sunset with these tours from Coosa River Basin Initiative and River Ratz.

From Countless Locations at Berry College

Credit: Stephen Rahn

Credit: Stephen Rahn

Watch the sunset from just about anywhere on Berry’s campus such as the Ford Buildings or behind the Cage Center like pictured above.

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  1. john howell, December 30, 2016:

    as a lifelong resident of Floyd and Rome, I have witnessed these brilliant sun sets, I am always amazed at my sunset overlooking Morrison Camp Ground.

  2. Joe DeVivre, June 10, 2018:

    Great article!

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