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Try This: Linde Marie’s Steakhouse Pasta

Posted September 29, 2016 by Georgia's Rome in Dining
steakhouse pasta

Linde Marie’s Steakhouse Pasta

Since opening in 2013, Linde Marie’s Steakhouse on the Square has been serving up delicious food to locals and travelers alike. Nestled right on the downtown square in Cave Spring, the establishment has quickly become a staple of the small town.

The dish uses local, farm-raised chicken, and isn’t overwhelmingly seasoned. Served over a bed of penne pasta with tasso ham, sun dried tomatoes, and fresh basil, and tossed a creamy cajun alfredo sauce that imparts a ton of flavor without overwhelming you.


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  1. Elizabeth Giglio, September 30, 2016:

    We love Rome, Georgia. We married at Berry College.

  2. Giorgio pagura, October 2, 2016:

    A Rome sono legato per il fatto che mio zio romano ha vissuto moltissimi anni in quel luogo che lui diceva essere un paradiso terrestre!! Un giorno senz’altro troverò il tempo per visitarlo, spero presto!!

  3. Nic Diaz, October 3, 2016:

    “In Rome I am linked to the fact that my uncle Roman has lived many years in that place which he said was a paradise on earth !! One day certainly I find time to visit, hopefully soon !!”

    – You’ll love it here Giorgio

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