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The Ultimate Guide to Pokemon Go in Rome Georgia

Posted July 26, 2016 by Georgia's Rome in Life in Rome, News

By now just about everyone, young and old, has heard of Pokemon Go in one way or another. Rome is a great place to find pokemon partially due to our rich history in the form of attractions and historical markers, among other things.

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First things first, what is Pokemon Go? Pokemon GO is a mobile game that augments reality through Google Maps and basically allows players to become real life pokemon trainers to catch all the different pokemon and become the best of trainer, something that many of us who grew up playing the games had fantasized about. However, the surging popularity plays a large in role in getting these same players out and about, albeit in the name of digitally geocaching for pokemon wherever they go, but that’s not a bad thing. It’s certainly a far better alternative to a more sedentary activity at home without social interaction. Many players form groups to exercise with and go catch pokemon together, oftentimes chilling on benches snatching up all those pokemon that appear after someone drops a lure at a pokestop on Broad. There’s an active Pokemon Go community in Rome where players meet and exchange tips on where to catch all the pokemon, as well as making new friends.


A pokestop with an activated lure

Sweet! Now How Do I Play, Nic? Once you’ve customized your character, it’s time to get out there and catch pokemon. You’ll choose which beginner pokemon you want, from Charmander (a fiery lizard), Squirtle (a turtle that walks on its hind legs) and Bulbasaur (a walking brussel sprout) and even a Pikachu (think of a mouse that uses a strong static shock) if you walk around a bit. You’ll receive pokeballs which you will use to catch pokemon you encounter. To find pokemon, you just walk around and they randomly appear, then you tap them to start catching. As you travel, little markers called Pokestops appear. At these, you can replenish your pokeballs and other items. You can even find lures on them which triggers a rain of confetti in the game that attracts pokemon to that location, so if you see one, saddle up and wrangle all the pokemon you can grab in 30 minutes.

Now here are some tips! Not all pokemon appear in the same area. For example, water types appear in areas near a body of water, and a lot of grass/bug types appear near green and wooded areas. Rome is an ideal city for pokemon as we have an abundance of pokestops, and having the most diverse ecosystem in the nation definitely plays to an advantage! All these stops make it pretty simple to stock up on eggs that you can hatch.


Seriously, those Valor players never quit!

  • The best route for hatching and catching pokemon also follow many of our trail systems, especially the Heritage Trail.
  • If you’re going to use lures, find an area that has multiple pokestops overlapping each other. Great areas include along Broad Street, a list of which are included in our Historical Markers Guide. Another area is on top of Jackson Hill at our Visitors Center, as there are four in close proximity!
  • Some businesses in Rome even encourage players to catch the rarest pokemon, for example, if you show proof that you’ve caught a Snorlax, you get a free dessert!
  • As you catch more pokemon and level up, you will encounter stronger pokemon, and the more lures you are near, the more likely you are to find something really good, so it’s generally best to go hunting in groups, as the more people, the higher your chances.
  • If you join a team, whether it be Instinct, Mystic or Valor, you’ll be able to battle others at gyms, which are larger versions of the pokestops, and each team battles for control around Rome.
  • Have fun and explore more of our rish history. The best part of this game is that it brings people together and helps with making friends. Not to mention that it gives players more opportunity to see our wonderful city. This is especially true of Berry students, who are increasingly coming out of the “Berry Bubble.” I was one of you once, I know exactly what it’s like.
  • Remember to keep track of Georgia’s Rome on Facebook, where we may host Pokemon Safaris where visitors can catch all the pokemon they want for an allotted time.
  • Finally, out of respect, do not play in cemeteries; and be especially aware of your surroundings.

I’ll be out there catching pokemon as well and I’ll continue to post about updates for the game and new tips and tricks. Happy hunting!police pokemon

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