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Great Plates in Rome

Posted May 24, 2016 by Georgia's Rome in Dining, Lists

When you visit Rome, you have to find the best places to eat, but with so many options, that decision isn’t always that easy. Here are a few suggestions for where you should stop next.


1.) Doug’s Deli Downtown 


Chipotle Chicken on Focaccia with Voodoo Chips and Sweet Tea

Located across from Rome City Hall, the Deli Downtown has a seemingly plain facade, but hides some seriously big flavor. The portions are just right to leave you satisfied while also not not gorging yourself. Just about everything on the menu is absolutely fantastic (but my all-time favorite is pictured above). The deli also has an inhouse bakery with some of the most delectable pastries. Be careful when getting some of their oreo balls; they’re so delicious, you might leave with an extra box or two.


2.) River Dog Outpost 


The River Dog Outpost is a local beer garden right next to the river where you can get a refreshing beer on a summer day on the water. A lot of fun to lounge around, and play cornhole, this bar is also pet-friendly. Outdoor enthusiasts can even park their kayaks or tubes and climb the rope path right up to the bar from the river. You can also find a few of the local food trucks here at certain times, each serving up a different cuisine. Remember to grab some delicious food from the food truck there and enjoy a crisp Sweetwater 420!


3.) Dark Side of the Moon Bar 


Part of the same brand, this little dive bar is situated right next to Rome’s iconic Harvest Moon Cafe. Featuring a unique selection of craft brews as well as some staple beers, this place has become a popular hangout for locals and visitors alike. I recommend ordering a few appetizers with friends and having one of their rotating drafts.


4.) Speakcheesy 

maxresdefault (1)

Speakcheesy is one of Rome’s newest and most popular food trucks, though you might have seen them around Atlanta on the weekends as well. Serving up over 45 different gourmet grilled cheeses on a rotating menu, this one is a must for foodies. My favorite is the Creme Fatale with fresh jalapeno peppers, and the pasta salad makes a perfect side.


5.) Rome City Brewing Co.


Formerly known as the Brewhouse, Rome City Brewing Co. has evolved into something so much more! A local hotspot for good food, good beer, and good music. Stop in and try one of the delicious brews! Get the Clocktower IPA and a salted pretzel with beer cheese!

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  1. Louise Branham, June 4, 2016:

    You definately left out one of the best and leaders in downtown eateries. Schroeder’s New Deli has been a leader for 35 years! You need to go have a real BITE to eat!

  2. Nic Diaz, June 6, 2016:

    Oh, there’s no way we couldn’t leave out Schroeder’s! This is actually part of a new series, and we’ll be featuring them next time.

  3. Nic Diaz, June 16, 2016:

    I’ll keep that in mind when I go to more restaurants. In the next issue, we’ll be featuring more in the surrounding area!

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