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Dueling Pianos: music and humor above 333 on Broad

Posted September 5, 2013 by Kristi Kent in Dining, Events, Life in Rome

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Small towns like Rome need their bars. They can be vital to a youthful community. But Bud Light can only take them so far, so most bars turn to music, others to comedy, to keep the drafts pouring. The Dueling Pianos Comedy Show, keenly enough, has both.

Located above 333 on Broad, Dueling Pianos offers a mesh of soul, blues, and rock from local piano group the Jam Boyz. By mixing their music with mellow-tuned humor, they are making Dueling Pianos one of the coolest acts in town. Their old-school jams and amicable comedy act make a nice brew, causing beer to be an afterthought.

I went to Dueling Pianos on a cold (yes, cold) August Saturday. I left the stairs leading up to the bar and entered the room, and immediately heard the theme song for “Gilligan’s Island.” Initially thinking I was in the wrong place, maybe the 1960s, I flopped down on a big couch and actually began to listen to the music. Who knew that ballad of doomed islanders could be turned into something so new and groovy? Bob Denver would be so proud.

More bluesy and classic rock tunes followed, and by the end of the night the audience and band were like close friends. The Jam Boyz make their act an interactive experience, choosing to sing with the audience instead of for them, and put together a hilariously fun evening.

So if Bud Light just isn’t enough for your Saturday nights, I suggest you take a trip to the loft above 333 on Broad. Beer or not, Dueling Pianos will make sure your evening is filled with funny jokes and good music.

333 on Broad is open from 11 a.m. until 10 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday. The Dueling Pianos Comedy Show takes place every Saturday night beginning around 9 p.m. Also at 333 on Broad, Jazz Nights each Tuesday, and karaoke each Wednesday.


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333 on Broad

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Rome, GA  30161


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