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Coosa Valley Fair a family fun hit

Posted October 23, 2012 by Kristi Kent in Uncategorized

Fall would have been in the air, but instead rainy mist kicked off what turned out to be an excellent 2012 Coosa Valley Fair. The fairgrounds are located off M.L.K Blvd in North Rome, and caters to more than just the county fair. Garden sales, patrons of the Palladium Restaurant (located within the fairgrounds) and more are regular features; although early October is always Coosa Valley Fair time.

This past summer was hot and tumultuous for me: I need comfort in the form of fried food and dizzy rides to get over it all. After my first roasted corn cob on a stick and whirlinator ride I found that I was not as spry past fairs. Instead I attended the entire Miss Coosa Valley Fair Pageant series -whose age categories for competition covered the gambit from babies to senior citizens. All are winners in my book and, even though all babies look the same, it is still special to be at the Coosa Valley Fair amongst Floyd Countians.The fair itself is a family-style-pageant-baby; showing off the best of Floyd whether it be maw-maw’s prize winning canned peaches, hearty Berry bovines (from Berry College located just north of town on Hwy 27) or old friends finding each other again.

And if this is true, then the family is growing according Kathy Kerce, President of the Coosa Valley Fair Association. She told me online pre-ordered ticket sales almost doubled this year. My experience confirms this. I had to come an hour early the first day despite the rain in order to attend the a Cheerleading Expo. Even though my alma-mater was not present at this special event I cheered anyways, especially for Model High School who won the Spirit Stick in a yell off between fan bases as well as the talented Shorter Hawk Cheerleading squad.

Overall I had an awesome time at the Fair this year. It is a great way to start the fall in northwest Georgia. I found that just by attending the fair in Rome, even if you are not from the area, one becomes a Floyd County citizen.

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