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Provino’s offers a great meal in a great location

Posted June 7, 2012 by Kristi Kent in Dining

Imagine a place where eating is secondary to feeling. This place has a sentimental ambiance so no matter where you are from, you see familiar things and are happy because of them. It also has a staff dedicated to preserving this look and feel with the addition of great food.

This place could be anywhere. A busy city street. On the corner of suburbia, or the edge of civilization; but it could also be in a town dedicated to the preservation of that feeling. It could be located at the heart of that town. The place could be at the convergence of major roads, so its whereabouts could be easily known, and known to most all who’ve visited the town.

There is a place, and it’s called Provinos in Rome Georgia. An italian restaurant located on Shorter Avenue, near the center of Rome’s business district. One can almost throw a stone and hit it from any major building in town, and a lady friend of mine and I went to visit it last week late in the afternoon to check out the goods.

And the goods were… Awesome. By my waitress’ own admission, Provinos is a staple restaurant both for her and her family. Like an old-world good-vibe tomato kibbutz that serves quality time along with their House Cabernet (that tasted dry in all the right places, cutting the calamari appetizer just right); the place hits you on a couple of levels.

Excuse my purple prose but that is what I felt, a regal yet familiar purple, during my meal there. Although I am but a mere man -I should have paid the waitress to whisper this fact in my ear because at the time I felt as if I had twofold the amount of friends, understood the town of Rome, and entertained the one I was with that afternoon.

Hindsight is always clearer, and coming to terms with this eases the taste of these memories in my mind. If your in Rome don’t become complacent like I did. Check out Provinos italian restaurant and enjoy the moment for what it is.

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