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Then and Now in Rome

Posted November 29, 2016 by Nic Diaz in Heritage/History

Walking in Downtown Rome you can get a sense of the history from the architecture and some of the historic buildings. Here is a closer look at some of the buildings you may not recognize as you visit your favorite places!

Brewhouse/Super-D Store


Ask a Roman who’s been here all their life and they’ll tell you stories of childhood and how this building changed so much through the years! Originally, this location was home to The Opera House, which was the principal center for entertainment ranging from Dresden, Boston, and New York symphonies to local productions. The Opera House was destroyed by fire in the early morning hours of Dec. 31, 1919.  The building was re-built in 1920 by Ike May and still today is called the May Building.  The locals have talked about the Super D that was here for many years. Super D was open during the 60′s through the 80′s and was owned by a man named Paul Frambro. Before then it was Allen’s 5 and 10 Store in the 50′s.

Forrest Place


First opened in 1915 as a hotel in Rome, Georgia, this first class hotel quickly became the social center of Floyd County. In it’s time the hotel was host to many noted guest such as Ronald Reagan, and many movie stars of the day. This memorable landmark has been lovingly restored to it’s original grandeur and offers an ideal setting for meetings, rehearsal dinners, reunions, parties, weddings and receptions.

City Creamery/Rivoli Theatre


One of four prominent theatres at the time and was known for playing Vaudeville. The reason there were several in downtown Rome was because of the single viewing screens that they could accommodate, unlike modern theatres of today. Other theatres include the Gordon Theatre, DeSoto, and Opera House. Currently, the city creamery resides in the building space, where you can get fresh soft serve and coffee and hot cocoa.

Claremont House


The beautiful Claremont House was built in 1882.The most elegant Victorian Bed and Breakfast in the South. They have been entertaining guests for over 125 years! The Claremont House features 5 guest rooms all with private bath and dining rooms to host up to 45 seated guests for special events and dinners. For larger events we have seating outside and can host receptions up to 200 guests.

Schroeder’s Deli Old/New


A delicious staple in Rome for decades! Schroeder’s has undergone few changes throughout the years, still showing off the oldies vibes while serving up tasty food daily. You can’t talk to a Roman without mention of Schroeder’s!

Rome Fire Department


Rome’s beloved firefighters have been working out of the fire department for decades, here is a snippet of how far we’ve come together!

G.C. Murphy Storefront/La Scala, Roman Trading Co. and Merle Norman


The G.C. Murphy Co. storefront was home to multiple little shops and even a diner. Now, it is home to the La Scala Mediterranean Bistro, Roman Trading Co. and Merle Norman businesses.

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  1. Elise, December 5, 2016:

    I’d love to see a pic of the old Redfords five and dime! It was on a corner.

  2. Nelle, December 5, 2016:

    More please!

  3. John Schroeder, December 7, 2016:

    Great article! Rome is full of wonderful history! Thanks for the kind words for Schroeder’s!

  4. Elaine Turnet, December 7, 2016:

    Love these write ups. I remember going to get block ice with my dad. We went to a warehouse off of Broad and drive to a loading dock to get the ice. Do you know which building it was?

  5. Teresa, December 9, 2016:

    Do you any pictures of the old Coca Cola building that was on the block where the bank is now?


  6. Benny Terry, December 10, 2016:

    WOW! This is great; I grew up in Rome and rode my bike or walked all over. I wish I had taken pictures with my Brownie Box camera all that time. Suggestions: Tutt’s Barber Shop, Tilley’s, Enloe’s, Owens Hardware, The Record Shop, Esserman’s, etc, etc, etc.

  7. Susan Treadaway Hunter, September 14, 2017:

    I’d love to see a picture of Liberty Hat Works and The Faye Store both on Broad Street. I’d also love to see a picture of a grocery store that was in North Rome, Howells Grocery. It was where the water department sits now. Love all the history, I grew up in Rome and I remember all these places you show well!

  8. Rita, September 20, 2017:

    I would love to see a picture of The Victory Cafe on Broad Street ran by Sam DiPrima.

  9. Elaine Holmes, January 1, 2018:

    Would love to see pictures of Millers and Belks dept stores when they were on broad st. JC Penney’s also! Spent many Sat. shopping with my mom and sister on broad! This was of course b4 malls! 50’s & 60’s! Live in Leesburg Ga. now, sure do miss my hometown!

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