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Five Hidden Gems in Rome

Posted January 26, 2018 by Morgan Stansell in Things to Do
  1. Meditation Garden at Myrtle Hill Cemetery

This destination of serenity overlooks Myrtle Hill where the rivers meet and provides a peaceful sanctuary to those who need a little slice of heaven. A powerful symbol of Rome, the landscape for this area was designed to reflect our seven hills. The garden is special because of it is an example of the well-kept beauty that Rome has to offer. It is located at the bottom of the cemetery, so just park at the Mausoleum and walk up. Get details and view map.


2. The Coca-Cola Mural

Located across from Southeastern Mills on Broad Street, you will often miss this gem because it hides along the wall of the last building on the street. Part of some of the original advertising in Historic Downtown Rome, this mural makes for a fun picture with the words on the brick proclaiming: Coke Is It!

3. GarrardĀ Park

This new trail lies just to the side of the General Electric building, and offers the convenient opportunity to exercise and enjoy the beauty of Rome. We love this trail because of its’ amazing addition to trail space for runners, bikers, and dog walkers alike!

4. Rome Mia!

Pasta chicken dish from Roma Mia!

Because you couldn’t make a list of hidden gems in Rome without including a food destination! Roma Mia is the perfect taste of Italy. Just off of Martha Berry Highway, this restaurant is easily accessible and brings people together in the fellowship of what we all love: food!

5. Myrtle Hill Tree Tour

As the days get longer and Spring hits the city, the Myrtle Hill Tree Tour is available to those who want to take advantage of the gorgeous scenery Myrtle Hill Cemetery has to offer. The tour is a self-guided tour with a map available to download and offers visitors the chance to experience a new perspective on Rome’s outdoors at their leisure. The tour features trees native to the area and some rare, non-native species.

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