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Quirky Things in Rome That You Shouldn’t Miss

Posted March 29, 2018 by Nic Diaz in Lists, Things to Do

Did you know Rome has a quirky side? Here are some ideas you won’t want to miss on your next excursion!

Go Beyond Peanut Butter and Jelly at Jamwich 


Get jammin’ with Jamwich, where the specialty is classic and funky jams on every sandwich!

Find a new favorite like the Roseberry, Benjammin, El Fuego, or one of the best dishes in Georgia, The Dirty South Mouth.

Look in Awe at the Amount of Deer at Berry College

Berry Deer

If you aren’t familiar with Berry College, nothing can really prepare you for the amount of deer you’ll see

It’s called Deerfield for a reason…

Try an Unexpected Combination at the Foundry Growler Station

Foundry growler station

Depending on what’s in stock you’ll find some craft beers go well with some of the craft sodas

Example: Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale + Flying Cauldron Butterbeer

See a Yarn Bomb in Downtown Rome


You’ll be blown away by how creative some of these are

It really speaks to our community’s commitment to the arts.

Get a Surprising History Lesson with Rome City Brewing Co.

Rome City Brewing Co

Some of the more unique history of Rome comes with every beer

The legend of Peggy Snead is one of the more explicit parts of Rome’s storied past.

Have Dinner in a Restaurant Built Out of an Airplane

Sam Burger Deli

What’s the DEAL with airplane food?

Definitely not the Mile High Club experience, but the great food and people certainly make up for it.

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