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7 Sweet Ideas for Your Valentine’s Date

Posted February 3, 2018 by Nic Diaz in Dining, Lists, Things to Do

Wondering where to treat your sweetie this Valentine’s Day? Don’t worry, we have you covered!

  1. The Harvest Moon Cafe

harvest moon


The Harvest Moon Cafe is an all-around great atmosphere. Make reservations for a romantic date with your Valentine, and enjoy some the best food Rome has to offer. What’s not to love? Single, who cares? The food alone is worth coming, and you could spend an evening chowing down with some good drinks at Dark Side or Moon Roof!


2. The Last Stop Gift Shop


The Last Stop Gift Shop is the ONLY stop you need to make in order to get your sweetie (or yourself) something sweet. Take this homemade Chocolate Bouquet for example from Nan Selman, who will be selling chocolates in store on Feb. 13! #drooling


3. Honeymoon Bakery


What ISN’T there to say about Honeymoon Bakery? Everything here is so good, you’re basically having a love affair with the pastries. Speaking of which, I really need to get another chocolate mousse.


4. La Scala Mediterranean Bistro


Doesn’t this just look AMAZING?! If you’re wanting a nice dinner with your love, then be sure to check out La Scala. Save room for dessert. If you’re going solo, swing on down to the 400 Block Bar and pair a meal with some delicious vino!


5. Cupcakes Around the Corner


If you haven’t been here yet, you are CLEARLY missing out. Located in the main lobby of Hawthorne Suites, these are easily some of the best cupcakes in Rome. Don’t believe us, see for yourself.


6. The Sweet Bar


This fun little bakery on Turner McCall is known for their FANTASTIC donuts, but they make just about everything else too. Go get your fix at The Sweet Bar.

Even More Sweet Ideas

  • Dinner and Cocktails at Seasons
  • Romantic Getaway to Cave Spring and stay at Hearn Inn
  • A couples Paddle Trip along Rome’s Rivers
  • A delightful picnic at the House O’ Dreams
  • Take a scenic tour of the Oak Hill Gardens
  • Split a milkshake or two at the City Creamery
  • Sample wines (or beers if you prefer) at the Foundry Growler Station
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